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Seito Shito-Ryu Australia Karate-Do Kai inc. is a non profit association incorporated in the State of Western Australia and is directly affiliated to Shito-Ryu International Karate-Do Kai in Japan. 


Mike Williams was appointed as the official representative for Shito-Ryu Australia Karate-Do Kai by Kenzo Mabuni Soke after a  private meeting at the Honbu Dojo in Osaka, Japan in 2003.


Shito-Ryu Australia Karate-Do Kai is dedicated to the promotion, preservation and teachings of Seito (pure) Shito Ryu Karate-Do as taught by the late Kenzo Mabuni Soke, son of Kenwa Mabuni (1889-1952), the founder of Shito-Ryu.


This website has been developed to try and fulfil a promise made by Mike Williams to Kenzo Mabuni Soke in 2003. The promise was to promote and spread the teaching of Seito Shito-Ryu in Australia.


Visitors to this site will find information on the history, techniques and kata of Seito Shito-Ryu without having to sign up as a site member. For those who want more, there is the option of requesting a site membership which will allow access to forums and resources with the ability to be part of our community by interacting with other members through posts on the forum and blog.


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Mike Williams -Shihan

Shito-Ryu Australia Karate-Do Kai.






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