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Visit to the Australian Sohonbu

Posted by Colin Phillips on April 27, 2011 at 3:23 AM Comments comments (0)

It was a great experience training at the Sohonbu, the intensive training undertaken and knowledge gained during my stay in Perth will greatly benifit the students in NSW for the months and years ahead.

We are very privleged to have Mike Shihan guiding us on our journey in Karate Do and it is obvious of the special connection that the Australian Shito Ryu Karate Do Kai has with Japan; we are truly blessed.

A big thank you to Mike Shihan and Ingrid for their hospitality during my visit, it was great meeting our fellow students and black belts in Western Australia and training with you all, I hope to meet and train with you again in the future.


Colin Phillips

In The News

Posted by Shito-Ryu Australia Karate-Do Kai on February 17, 2010 at 11:51 PM Comments comments (0)

The Seito Shito-Ryu Phillips Dojo is off to a great start in NSW with new members registering at Bathurst, Lithgow PCYC and Portland. According to Colin Phillips Sensei Seito Shito-Ryu is being well received and everyone is enjoying their training.


Follow the link to see the newspaper article about the classes held at the Lithgow PCYC.


Lithgow Mercury February 16,2010



Welcome to our new Affiliate in NSW

Posted by Shito-Ryu Australia Karate-Do Kai on February 12, 2010 at 10:44 AM Comments comments (0)


The Seito Shito-Ryu Phillips Dojo in New South Wales is officially affiliated to Shito-Ryu Australia Karate-Do Kai and we take this opportunity to welcome all members to the Seito Shito-Ryu family.

Under the guidance of Colin Phillips Sensei who has over 30 years experience in Karate training, the new Dojo held its first  training session at the Uniting Church Hall in Bathurst on Thursday February 4th. The first class at the PCYC Lithgow Dojo was held on Friday February 5th and Colin Sensei will also be teaching classes at Portland Central school hall commencing on February 16th.



Colin Sensei has worked very hard to get his new Dojo and training venues organised and he is committed to teaching the Seito Shito-Ryu of the late Kenzo Mabuni Soke. Congratulations on a great effort , the members of Seito Shito-Ryu Phillips Dojo are very fortunate to have a committed and dedicated Sensei and I am sure that the Dojo will be very successful.



If you are a member of Seito Shito-Ryu Phillips Dojo please sign up as a member of our web site. We encourage all members of Seito Shito-Ryu Australia Karate-Do Kai to join the official web site and to participate in the Forums and Blogs. Check for updates on information and resources for our style and keep in touch with friends who are also members and make new friends, make the most of the web site!